VIP Private Hire Party

£16.50 per child, min 20 children

Want to have the whole play centre to yourselves? Why not book our VIP party package!

In your 2 hour slot, all birthday guests will have exclusive use of the centre, perfect for those who want to add a personal touch to their celebration.

All our VIP Party slots are between 5pm – 7pm (please note earliest access to the centre is 5 – 10 minutes before the party time).

Our friendly party hosts will take you through your party, host a great disco and guide your VIP Party from start to finish!

2 hour party and includes a party host, jugs of juice, cold food (upgrade to hot food for £2pp) and 1 free return pass for the birthday child.

First Hour

– Hand us your guest list before the party (5-10 mins before).

– We reserve seating in the main area for adults whilst children play.

– On arrival we ask each child what they would like to eat (see hot and cold food options below).

Second Hour

– We welcome children into the party room for food, jelly & ice cream and to sing happy birthday with the cake you provide.

– You have sole use of the party room for 30 minutes.

– The party room is loosely pirate themed, you are welcome to bring light decorations (such as a balloon or banner), however decorations must be able to be put up and taken down within these 30 minutes.

The remaining 30 minutes is dictated by your party package:

– Pirate Party: 30 minutes of play

– Disco Party: 30 minutes in the disco room (upstairs)

– Laser Party: 30 minutes of laser on the play area

– Teddy Tastic Party: 30 minutes to create your bears (upstairs)

– Sand Art Party: 30 minutes to create your funky art

– VIP Catered Private Hire: 30 minutes to play or disco

Cold food option is a sandwich meal with crisps, fruit & vegetable sticks and jelly & ice cream pudding. Sandwiches are chosen on arrival by each child: ham, cheese spread, jam or chocolate spread.

Hot food option is a hot meal with fruit & veg sticks and jelly & ice cream pudding. Hot meals are chosen on arrival by each child: half jacket with a choice of filling or nuggets, sausages, hot dogs, veggie alternatives or fish fingers all served with fries.

Deposits are none refundable or transferable (£50). The party balance is required to be paid 48 hours prior to the party.

What to bring on the day:

– Your guest list.

– Your party bags (if not ordered from the play centre).

– Your birthday cake & candles.

Socks MUST be worn at all times! It is recommended that children wear long sleeves and full-length trousers, as the slide can cause friction burns! Nylon (tracksuits and football shirts) is particularly prone to burns and scorch marks.

Adult ratio: No adult ratio with Private Hire parties, bring as many as you like! (Venue capacity cannot exceed 150ppl including children and adults).

No food & drinks can be brought into the centre (except Birthday Cake to sing Happy Birthday). After singing Happy Birthday the birthday cake is cut up and wrapped to take home, sorry you cannot eat the cake within the centre. 


– Face painting £40 for 15 children (£2pp thereafter) 

– Mascot visit for 15 mins £20

– Upgrade from cold food to hot food £2pp

– Party Bags £2pp

How do I book? Call us to book with a £50 non-refundable deposit, phone lines open during business opening hours.