Party Packages

VIP Party

Our VIP party package is for private hire of our play centre.

£12 per child

Cold food buffet included

For the whole of your party it will just be you and your guests in the play centre!

Pirate Party

Our exciting Pirate Parties are one of the most popular choices for younger children!

£10.00 per child

Cold food buffet included.

Nothing but play!

Self Catering VIP

Find out more about our Self Catered VIP parties

£295 for 40 guests

Bring your own food

Whole play centre to yourself

After 6pm bookings only

Disco Party

Want to add a touch of disco to your party?

Find out how to book one of our Disco Parties at Pirates!

£11 per child

Cold food buffet included

Time to boogie!

Toddler Party

A great party option for our Littlest Pirates! Suitable for toddlers under 4 years old!

£7.50 per child

Cold food buffet included

Nothing but play!

Laser Tag Party

Bring your friends to play laser tag games on the play structure.

Advisory minimum age 5+

£11.00 per child Mon – Thurs

£13.00 per child Fri – Sun

Parties from 4:45pm

Cold food buffet included

Teddy Tastic Party

Bring your friends to make a bear and make a friend for life!

Min 10 people.

£17.00 per child

Includes a cold food buffet.

Make a special wish in your teddy’s heart

Provisionally Book Now

At present we are accepting provisional bookings for parties from 19th July 2021. We do not require a deposit to provisionally hold a date, however availability will be on a first come, first served basis. Upon further confirmation of restrictions lifting we will call those on our provisional list to ask for a deposit to secure your party on your chosen date. If a deposit is not paid at this time the availability will go to the next customer on our list. We believe this is the fairest way at present without current confirmation from the government of possible restrictions on capacity and number of people that are legally allowed to attend parties.

To provisionally book your date please get in touch with (we are accepting provisional bookings via Facebook):

• Your chosen date (beyond 19th July 2021)

• Phone number

• Numbers you’d like to provisionally book for

Party Information

All party packages include 60 minutes of play, 30 minutes in the party zone area for food and then all parties EXCEPT the disco and laser party then go back on the play structure for the remaining 30 minutes. Disco parties, instead of the last 30 minutes of play, go upstairs to our disco area for dancing, games and disco fun. For laser parties, after the food the lights go down and the laser fun begins on the play frame.

All parties also include a party host, party invitations, jugs of juice, a cold party buffet (see details opposite) 1 free return pass for the birthday child and cake ceremony (cake not included but can be arranged for an additional cost).

To secure your party booking you will need to make a payment of £50 as a non-refundable deposit.

The balance is required to be paid at least 2 days prior to the party. We have the ability to take card payments over the telephone for your convenience.

Please complete the guest list and return it to Pirates Play Centre reception on or before the day of your party but please confirm the number of children attending the party at least 2 days before the party and if increasing the party numbers, the balance will also need to be paid at this time.

We may not be able to cater for additional children unless we are advised in advance of their intended arrival.

Additional party invitations can be collected from the Pirates Play Centre reception.

Your party day has arrived!

As the party parent, please ensure you arrive 10 minutes before the party is due to start to allow us to confirm your guest list and prepare to welcome your party guests. Please encourage your guests to arrive on time where they will be directed to their seating area.

Should your guests bring children that are not showing on the guest list they will be required to pay the normal entrance price for those children before being permitted into the play facility.

What happens now?

Your party will last 2 hours.

On arrival you will be allocated a party host who will begin your party. There may be another host who will take the party for their food.

The parents will be taken to their allocated seating, where they can sit until the party is due to eat (Please use this area, especially during busy periods)

Playtime will last 60 minutes

After the playtime, the party host will make an announcement to gather the children. All announcements will ask the children to gather in the adult seating area and a Host will lead them to their next area.

Party food will then be served, this is a cold finger buffet (hot buffet can be provided at an extra cost, please see party information)

Once the children have eaten, the Party Host will bring a cake out (if supplied and arranged by the parent) and sing to the birthday child.

The children are then allowed back on the play frame for another 30 minutes, unless they are having a disco party, in which case, they will go to the disco area for the remaining 30 minutes.

On completion of your party, a Free Return pass will be issued to the birthday child.

What to bring on the day

Your guest list.

Your party bags (if not ordered from the play centre).

Your birthday cake.

Your children.

The rest is down to us, sit back, relax and enjoy.


Socks MUST be worn at all times!

It is recommended that children wear long sleeves and full length trousers, as the slide can cause friction burns!

Nylon (tracksuits and football shirts) is particularly prone to burns and scorch marks.

Car Parking

Pirate’s Play, Party and Laser Centre has a private car park at the front of the building.