Elf on The Shelf comes to Pirates

Did you find our Elf on the Shelf?

We had a very special visitor joining us at Pirates Play Centre at Christmas: Elf on the Shelf! In her pink Elf-y hat and pointy shoes, she travelled all the way from the North Pole to keep an eye on our Little Pirates just in time for Christmas.

Our friendly Elf got up to all kinds of mischief whilst she was exploring our play centre, from hiding out amongst the pots of jelly to getting stuck in the soft play! We made sure to document her journey on our Facebook page, waking up each morning to see what she got up to!

She climbed through windows and made a big mess with a pile of toilet paper. Elf even managed to sneak all the way down our slippiest slide!

Every day she got up to something new, but we loved having her to stay and she even left us a lovely note on the day she left. She’s back home safely now, busy working with Santa to get ready for next Christmas!

We hope she’ll come back and join us again in Christmas 2019!

Happy New Year from Pirates Play Centre!

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