Get To Know Our Teddy-Tastic Bears

As many of our lovely Little Pirates will know, Teddy-Tastic parties are a big part of our birthday experiences at Pirates. These magical parties involved the little ones experiencing the joy of choosing, stuffing and bringing to life their favourite cuddly bears and placing a special heart inside them to keep forever. With a wardrobe full of fun costumes to dress the bears up in, it’s a great opportunity for Little Pirates to make their own best friends, and take them home for good.

So we thought it was about time that we introduced these amazing bears to any other Little Pirates and Pirate Parents wondering if a Teddy-Tastic party is right for them! Let’s get stuck in!

Magical the Rainbow Bear

Magical the Rainbow Bear is funny, friendly and always there when you need a hug. His bright rainbow fur makes him stand out from the crowd and he makes a very colourful addition to any collection of soft toys. He loves to dance and is always full of beans, ready to take on the day and help your Little Pirates boogie their problems away.

Sparkle the Unicorn

Glittery, glamorous and full of magic, Sparkle The Unicorn is your new friend for life. She loves to sing and chat with her friends, and she’s great at listening to their problems. A little bit mischievous, but a lot of fun, Sparkle is a great choice of bear for any glam birthday party.

Cheeky the Monkey

Ever wanted a friend that can swing from the trees and find bananas on command? Meet Cheeky the Monkey, our favourite lovable primate! He’s always ready for the next adventure, and loves to play with his friends. Although he might be full of energy, he’s also fond of napping in strange places so make sure you keep your eye on him when bedtime approaches!

Lady the Ladybird

Who doesn’t love Lady the Ladybird? She’s the softest and cuddliest bear of the group and the sweetest bug you’ll ever meet. Full of love, kindness and generosity, Lady is a great friend and will always have a comforting word to say or a hug to give when times get tough. Her loving nature makes her a brilliant bear for any Little Pirate.

Freddie the Fox

Freddie the Fox is the joker of the group. He’s always telling funny stories, playing pranks on his friends and making them laugh. He’s got a great imagination and is a fun, lively presence at every playtime. With his bushy tail and sly smile, he always likes to be the centre of attention and loves playing games with his fellow foxes.

Bluey the Dog

Last but not least, it’s Bluey the Dog! Lovable, friendly and full of energy, Bluey is the most loyal friend a Pirate could want. His wagging tail and friendly face can always be found helping others and sniffing out adventure. He’s very protective of his friends and always tries to make sure they’re happy. Not only is he man’s best friend, but he could also be yours too!

Our Teddy-Tastic bears full of magic and fun, and they’re all looking for the right person to take them home for good. So if you want to find a friend for life with your Little Pirates, book your party today.

If you want to book your Teddy-Tastic party at Pirates Play Centre, give us a call on 0115 9603 363 today!

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