Meet Our Mascots

Mickey Mouse

Meet Mickey Mouse, our favourite classic Disney mouse! He’s super friendly, loves a good high-five and is always there to make you smile! Mickey is one of the best loved cartoons in history and he’s always going to be a great choice for your next party!

Mickey Pirates Play Centre

Minnie Mouse

This is Minnie Mouse, she’s Mickey’s best friend! With her signature spotty style, she’s giggly, lots of fun and great to party with! She’s definitely a lovely, friendly choice and can bring a touch of sparkle to your birthday party!

Minnie Pirates Play Centre

Olaf (Frozen)

Oooh, it’s getting a bit chilly in here! Must be because Olaf is here! He’s our favourite Frozen mascot and a lovable, funny character to invite to your party! He might look frosty on the outside but he’s warm and very huggable on the inside!

Olaf Pirates Play Centre


Meet our Minion mascot! Big, yellow and great at dancing, our minion is always ready to party and full of excitement! He’s super funny and his arms are just ready for hugs! How could you say no?

Minion Pirates Play Centre

Marshall (Paw Patrol)

This is Marshall, our friendly Paw Patrol hero! He’s dressed to the nines in his full fire fighting uniform, and he’s here to bring some love to the party! He’s always smiling, always ready for cuddles, plus he’s a very handy pup to have around!

Marshall Pirates Play Centre


Does your party need a superhero? Well look not further, Spiderman is your perfect party pick! He’s always ready to save the day and swing around the play centre, just to make you smile! He’s super-friendly, super-strong and super-spidery – what a great choice!

Spiderman Pirates Play Centre

Do you want to book one of our amazing mascots for your next birthday party? Get in touch with us today!

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