Stuck for Summer Holiday Activities?

We know the Summer Holidays are coming – and that they can feel long when do. With the little ones running around, it can definitely be a challenge coming up with new exciting activities to do each week!

So we wanted to help by putting together a list of some of our favourite Summer Holiday activity ideas! We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from our own summers, from our lovely Pirates customers and from our special Summer Pinterest board, so make sure you take note!

1. Teddy Bears Picnic

What could be better than celebrating the glorious sun with your little ones favourite furry friends! Invite all of their teddies and toys to a special picnic in the garden or outside, with some delicious picnic snacks and just let their imaginations run wild!

Bring along a soft blanket and some fun picnic games and take it in turns to play with each teddy individually. From make-believe quests to muching on snacks, your picnic can be filled with sunshine and fun, maybe even with a secret treasure hunt to find the missing toys!

2. Bug Hunt

Another excuse to get the little ones out in the garden, a bug hunt is the perfect way to help them learn and have fun in their break from school. Make a list of the common garden bugs you find in your garden, with pictures to help, and encourage the children to hunt from them in the grass!

With small prizes for each bug found, and an overall winner for the one who finds the biggest bug, you can encourage a little healthy competition between your little ones – and get them away from the telly!

3. Pottery Painting

There are plenty of fun pottery painting cafes across the UK – with some great ones right here in Nottingham. This is a great opportunity to let the kids explore their creative side, without making a mess of your kitchen table! Getting them out of the house and exploring different spaces in the city, they can meet friends and play with paint to create something to take home and keep.

Plus, pottery painting is a great way to create some fun presents for grandparents or family members, who will always be touched to recieve a special handmade present from your little ones.

4. Baking Day

We know that British weather can’t always be trusted to come through for us, and occasionally we might be in for a couple of days of rain. So on the days where the sun doesn’t shine and you’re stuck in the house, why not bring out the baking supplies and get cracking!

Make some fun summery lemon cakes or some simple biscuits to snack on, with plenty of decorative creativity involved!

5. Carboot Sales

What better way to spend a day than to explore a local country carboot sale? There are so many sales around Nottingham throughout the summer and it’s always fun getting to browse some old classic pieces.

The kids are bound to love racing around a sale space, playing with the toys and exploring the different stalls! Plus you might find some bargains too!

6. Outdoor Cinema Events

This summer, there are loads of outdoor cinema sessions taking place across the city. Featuring some of our favourite Disney films as well as some new releases, it’s a brilliant way to get the children outside and spending time with their friends.

Why not offer to go as a group with other parents and pool your camping resources together to be as comfortable as possible throughout the film? Take some yummy cinema snacks and enjoy the film!

7. Swimming

Whether you take the kids to a water park, the local pool or invest in a paddling pool, swimming is a great opportunity to keep the kids active (and tire them out at the end of the day too!).

Especially on days when it’s particularly hot, a swim is a lovely chance to cool down and relax whilst the kids get to play!

8. Come to Pirates Play Centre

And finally, if you’re looking for a low budget day out…come along to Pirates! We’ve got some really exciting activities planned for the summer months so make sure you keep your eyes peeled and keep up to date with our Facebook page.

We’ll be blasting the air con to keep the little ones cool and we can help you relax with our icy slushies and frappes! What’s not to love?

With so many great ideas and inspiration for summer activities, there’s no way you can be bored this summer! Let us know in the comments what your favourite summer activities are, and we’ll share them on our Facebook page!

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